Write together.

When we write, we sometimes benefit from an extra pair of eyes or two. An editor, a publisher, a client or a friend. In Kludd, you write, share and create together. Your script, novel, story, essay or poem.

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Invite anyone to view your writing, at any time. Work on a new draft together, edit an existing one or just throw in comments for later.

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Screenplay writers. Novelists. Journalists. Students. Copywriters. Or anyone who writes, really. Together, you elaborate, edit and rewrite whenever and wherever. Or withdraw, work on your edits alone and invite anyone else to help when it's time.

Anytime from anywhere.

Kludd doesn't care about platforms or devices. Jump straight in, from any device and any location. Work on your own stuff or review and edit something you're already collaborating on. Your library is with you wherever you go.


Invite collaborators from Slack. /kludd

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Who is Kludd for?

Anyone who writes, really. You don't need all that many tools to do good work. You just need the right tools. We got along fine with only pen and paper and then the typewriter for quite some time, so Kludd just bridges the gap where you can get more people involved, when it's that time. Until then, writing is as serene as efficient in Kludd as it should be.

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Andreas Roman

Head of Content at Sleep Cycle

When the editor comes back with comments, the publisher gives their feedback, the creatives build assets from the words, a producer reaches out ... that's when the story starts to breathe. Kludd is the first tool I've used that removes the frustrations in this process. It lets me focus only on making the work better, together.
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Enhance your experience by trying out the smooth dark mode for late sessions or the focus mode to keep your eyes at the right place at the right time. It’s all up to you.

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